Dear Friends,


We at Chabad Basel are ready to assist you with all your needs. Below is some information that you may find useful.

If you have any questions, or if you would like more details, please email us at [email protected]; alternatively, you can call or send an SMS to myPersonal cellphone - +41765599236.

Sincerely yours,

Rabbi Zalmen Wishedski

Chabad Lubawitsch, Basel



We can try to connect you with Jewish friend who are renting rooms during the BaselWorld show. Email us if you like. [email protected]


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  Purim in Basel - you welcome to join us at the Purim meal, the Meal is open, no Charge, it´s thailand style meal this year.

please let us know that you come. [email protected]


Purim in Basel - you welcome to join us at the Purim meal, the Meal is open, no Charge, it’s thailand style meal this year.

Fast of Esther - Wednesday, 5:02am - 7:20pm

Wednesday schedule:               
Mincha (Machazit hashekel): 6:15pm

Maariv: 7:15pm 

MEGILAH 7:30pm At Chabad.

Open Meal after MEGILAH. 


Purim day, Thursday March 21st

Shacharit at the Show 7:00am by Hakimi Hall 3.0 - D31 including Torah reading and MEGILAH.

We have special permission to start at 7am. Please join us.

5pm MEGILAH At Chabad house : During Purim Party.

You are welcome to be our guest on Purim, the meal is free and open from 6pm.

at the Show we will read megillah several times, upon request.



Synagogue Services during the Basel World

Weekdays - Shacharit:

Synagogue at 24 Leimenstrasse - 6:45AM.  Sunday 7:45.


Synagogue at 14 Ahornstrasse - 6:30 and 7:15 -

Sunday 7:30 & 8:30



Mincha and Maariv:

at the Show 6PM @ more info will follow. 

Synagogue at 24 Leimenstrasse -  Thursday 21.3. 6:15pm . the next week 6:25pm 

Synagogue at 14 Ahornstrasse - Thursday 21.3. 6:30pm . the next week 6:25pm



Shabbat Candle Lighting 18:25

Shabbat Ends 19:29

Friday night Mincha & Maariv:

18:40 Chabad House, 33 Ahornstrasse.

18:25 Synagogue at 24 Leimenstrasse.

18:25 Synagogue at 14 Ahornstrasse.

18:25 Synagogue at 45 Leimenstrasse.


Shabbat morning (Tzav):

9:15 Chabad House at 33 Ahornstrass, After the services, a large Kiddush/Shabbat meal will be held. - Sponserd by ?

8:30 Synagogue at 24 Leimenstrasse.

8:15 Synagogue at 14 Ahornstrasse.

9:00 Synagogue at 45 Leimenstrasse.


Kosher Meals

Friday night meal:

You are most cordially invited to join us at the Friday night meal at the ChabadHouse. Please, though, pre-register.

tel. +41765599236 or  [email protected]



Chabad will be providing free sandwiches (a roll + tuna or egg) every morning at the exhibition grounds after the services. If you want to order ahead of time, or if you have special needs,please contact the Chabad House: tel. +41765599236 or

[email protected]



Dairy - Holbeinhoff, 67 Leimenstrasse, tel. + 41612706810.

Meat - TOPAS, 24 Leimenstrasse, tel. + 41612069500. The Topas Restaurant is offering Shabbat Meals. Please Registered before Shabbat

Mehadrin butcher shop – cold cuts and salamis plus other products such as cakes, wafers, wine and kosher cheeses. 26 Friedrichstrasse + 41613013493.

Kashrut List: can be obtained  here

On principle, all Migros stores have kosher bread, pat Yisrael. The Halbweiss. Please examine the package to make sure the bread was produced at the Jowa bakery.





Kosher in Basel

Plate of Challos



Kosher List

the inauguration of Feldinger Chabad Center


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