Welcome! A single word that says so much.

A single word that expresses the philosophy of Chabad Lubavitch all over the world. 

Chabad houses are open to all human beings, accepting them as they are: it doesn’t matter where they come from or what they’re doing with their lives.

Are you interested in Talmud? Maybe Kabbalah? Something from the weekly Torah portion? We have what to offer.

The children want to sing “Lecha Dodi”, and you find that you would like a bit of gefilte fish with horseradish? Kabbalat Shabbat services in the Chabad House are the answer.

Are you going to Katmandu for Passover? Or maybe to Hong Kong, on business? Contact us and we will be happy to connect you with the Chabad house in any place in the world. Our door is always open.

The door at Chabad Basel in particular is open to hundreds (!) of tourists and business men from all over the world, all year round.

People from many countries, and mainly from Israel, who come to Basel for medical treatments, have already become acquainted with our open door. We are here for them in their difficult time.

And, by the way, the open door we are talking of is not only the door at 33 Ahornstrasse. It is also SMS, Facebook, our internet site, whatsapp, email and telephone.

But mainly, it is our heart that is open to all.

So, in one word:Welcome!

Cordially yours,

Rabbi Zalmen and Dvora Wishedski

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 the inauguration of Feldinger Chabad Center


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