the electricity in the air

Friday, 24 November, 2017 - 4:15 am

“Zalmenyu, if you have time, tell me about the Kinus. I understand that the Conference of Shluchim isn’t just another Rabbis’ conference; there is something electric about it. Can you describe it to me?” So wrote me a friend of mine when I was in New York.

“You’re right,” I replied to him. “But you want me to describe the electricity in the air? Where is the pen that can describe it? Is there anyone in the world who can present it graphically? I can’t. I just know about myself and about my friends:

“We were six very good friends, and we still are.

“In 5759 (1999) we studied together in Berlin under Rabbi Yudi Teichtel in a Smicha program combined with a training program for shlichut. That period in Berlin turned us from good friends to a single unit. We are brothers.

“The kilometers that separate Maryland, Omsk, Dusseldorf, Tallinn, Hamburg and Basel have not managed to separate between us.

“It can be said about us that “The love of chassidim is an example of brotherly love.”

“The Conference of Shluchim is our power station – long hours of charging. Sometimes it’s just sitting together and hearing about the family and kids, about moments of joy and times of challenges, and sometimes it’s just looking at each other and being silent together, because only a shaliach can really understand another shaliach. As I’ve mentioned already, we are brothers.

“The climax for us is the spontaneous dance. The heart overflows and the feet dance for an hour, with our entire bodies dancing and saying, ‘Thank you, Rebbe. Thank you for the merit.’”


Shabbat Shalom,


Rabbi Zalmen Wishedski

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